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Press and work

Group Exhibitions


2008 - 7th Annual Photo Fair held in Kiev, Ukraine.

2009 - Finalist for Santa Barbara Earth Day Exhibit

2010- Gallery 27, Santa Barbara, California

Sirona Cleanse, Germain Seed Technology, Zumbach Electronics, XB Beverages, Pop Culture, Cengage Publishing,

World Business Academy, Mother Earth News, Sunburst Sanctuary, Wisdon 2.0, Waldorf Education, 


" I have worked with Kara for both personal family portraits and professional, branding images for my business.  What a pleasure! Who she is in the world is very much reflected through what she captures when she looks through the lens.  Her images, much like her person, are refreshing, grounded and beautiful.  I couldn't recommend her more highly both as a person and a professional." 

Leanne Elliott,  0wner at Soliet Events 


"We all here at HTF Global would like to thank you for a fantastic job! The photos came out amazing and working with you was easy! We have had a lot of issues in the past, with photographers: no direction, lazy, no vision, the ability to capture the moment, and the list goes on.  We at HTF look forward to working with you again and again."
Erik Pike 
I love the love Kara puts into every photograph she takes and every moment she captures.  She has an eye for unique beauty and concepts. she is warm and professional, and strives to make her clients happy.
Stephanie Borkan, L.Ac.
Hiring Kara is the best decision you’ll make. Communicative, accessible, and open to input, she listens carefully to your ideas, applying to them her own creative eye to give you a product that exceeds what you imagined.  Kara photographed in Connecticut in October, and one of her greatest strengths is her ability to capitalize on and emphasize the artistic strengths of the natural surroundings--a particularly colorful tree, the most aesthetically pleasing architectural lines.  During our wedding she maintained a non-invasive, low profile.  She worked efficiently while managing to capture the entire event. Our wedding was such a whirlwind in the moment, but Kara’s photographs allowed us to go back and slowly savor the details of the day--some of which would have been lost to us without her good work.  She offers a variety of options for your prints, and we have been so happy with the quality of them all. It’s difficult for me to overstate how good her work is and how pleased we are to have worked with her."

Molly Simmons and Jason BreMiller

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