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Existence, the radical truth


Sharing truth about the joy of connecting to yourself. 


Do you hear that deep call? Do you feel that something is off when you look around? The world is shifting in big and amazing ways. 


We will gather this new moon to share truths about life, health and wellness, peace, joy, love and transformation. I will make sense of what is happening, giving you just what you need to support and empower you back to the deep knowingness of self. Back to your understanding about who you are and how you love. The place where you find peace.  The place where peace is always there for you.


Feelings are meant to be felt and community is meant to hold that space for us all to grow, to heal and to connect.  Here we are.  This new moon, we will..


Enjoy the understanding of how we relate to joy/suffering. How we move with the moon cycles as the tidal pull of water and energy and how we move with our own cycles.  I will share rituals around cleansing and smudging, energetically holding yourself in esteem, Intention setting, the benefits of sacred water ritual, reminders and accountability, and giving thanks and gratitude.


As woman, we are the birthers and givers of life.  We have an innate ability to connect mentally, physically and spiritually through our understanding of feelings, experiences and knowingness. The same way our body knows to push when our babies are crowning, we know the deep call. 


Now to free ourselves with truth, intention and community so we can help humanity with truth, intention and community.


I invite you to release...


You knew the whole time. You have always known.


Now back to yourself.

Topic: Truth Call
Time: Sep 20, 2020 03:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 744 9966 9345
Passcode: 371992

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